Paterson cop may be fired in domestic violence case

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PATERSON — The city is attempting to fire a Paterson police officer who has been banned from carrying a gun as a result of multiple domestic violence charges filed against him, according to public records.

The officer, John DiTaranto, “is unable to perform his duties as a law enforcement officer” because he is not permitted to carry a gun, according to the city’s termination charges against him.

Authorities seized DiTaranto’s duty gun in August 2015 as a part of a domestic violence weapons investigation in which his former wife was the alleged victim, according to public records. That incident was the second time DiTaranto faced such charges, according to a letter the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office sent to Paterson police officials last September.

After a two-year investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office decided not to rearm DiTaranto, the letter said.

Neither DiTaranto nor his lawyer could be reached for comment. Paterson PBA President Alex Cruz did not respond to a phone call seeking his input on the case.

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Last modified: March 5, 2018